Bathroom accessories, which can be installed without a plumber? Sounds a little too good to be true? Sanijet’s new range of Do-it-Yourself (DIY) products needs no drill and no screws.

How is this possible, you may wonder? The DIY accessories are suspended on suction knobs.  Life has just uncomplicated itself in one necessary area.

We are all well versed with the hassle of finding a plumber. You have to reschedule your day to fit in the plumber’s preferred timing. Unfortunately with little other choice, we are unwilling accommodating. We justify the essential need for their service against the high priority tasks we lay aside for such a seemingly trivial matter. Sometime, the plumber is not punctual and this can throw your schedule off course. All these nuances make Sanijet’s DIY products a welcome blessing.

Range of products

Sanijet’s range of DIY products includes practical and necessary items used in our daily life. You can find most of your necessities among them like towel ring, hooks, wall organiser or storage racks, wall dispensed soap dish, toilet paper roll holder. Among this range you will also find some products that will suit your fancy – like a water flower pot and hair dryer holder.

These products serve multiple purposes in several areas of a home. Most commonly people find them useful in the bathroom, kitchen, utility area, dressing room etc. The products have an elegant appeal which may encourage you to use it in other areas of your home too. Use your creative imagination to make Sanijet DIY products serve your purpose. 

Installing a DIY accessory

Suctions technology works with vacuum. The silicon suction cups placed against a smooth surface holds fast due to the vacuum between the two surfaces. The surface on which you are installing the accessory should be cleaned thoroughly to enable a strong suction grip. Dust and dirt on either surface can act as a hindrance and cause the suction cup to separate from the other surface, making it unstable.

Glazed bathroom and kitchen tiles provide the perfect surface for installing DIY accessories. The smooth surface of your refrigerator door or side can also be used for installing a DIY wall organiser or hooks. Glazed sun mica on kitchen or other cupboards is also great for installing DIY products.

The latest textured tiles are not suction friendly. What if you want to install a DIY product on a wooden surface or a wall? Suction will not work on these surfaces but that doesn’t mean you cannot install the DIY accessories. The alternate option for installing the Sanijet DIY products is using a glue fix. The accessory knobs can be installed using silicon based glue.

Move your DIY accessories

The greatest benefit of the DIY accessories, next to the fact that you can install it yourself, is that you can change the location. You can release the suction by twisting the knob and uninstall the product. So if you want to move a towel ring or a wall organiser to another location it is just that simple.

Many people who live in rented homes are not keen on installing any accessories as most of them cannot not be removed or reinstalled. With the DIY range you can beautify your home and make it comfortable with suitable accessories. When you have to move – just uninstall and take the accessories along with you.