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Concern for the environment is an individual responsibility as well as a duty we must perform collectively as a society. Water conservation has become a forerunner in the environmental plateau. With rivers drying up and the depleting water tables, we are heading towards a massive shortage of water in the near future.

Water conservation is a necessity and no longer an option. Education through various media channels and pictorial depictions has reached a large audience, but actual enforcement has been eluded.

”Save the Earth, Save Ourselves.”

Concern for the environment is an individual responsibility as well as a duty we must perform collectively as a society


Neoperl Water Saving Components

NEOPERL aims to achieve conserving water at source, in other words ‘Water Efficiency’. Neoperl components make water dispensation according to your pre-selected/pre-chosen flow rates.

For example, ordinary basins are fitted with faucets that deliver more than 20 litres of water per minute. Our daily activities at the basin include hand wash, face wash, brushing and shaving. What we fail to notice here is how much of water in excess is wasted here. Because the Litres per Minute (LPM) water flow is not in control.




Neoperl is designed to control the LPM while still offering you the sufficient amount of water to carry your activities at the basin. The same theory is applied to the rest—showers, health faucets, bib taps and hand showers. Through this you end up saving tremendous amount of water every minute, every hour and every single day

Commercial and institutional installations always have problems in equal water distributions in all the floors [water flow pressure is less in top floors than the [lower floors]. Neoperl components effectively tackle this problem by offering equal distribution of water flow in all the floors.


Neoperl Water Saving Components Neoperl water saving components are of 2 main types. They can come built in from the faucet manufacturer or they can be retrofitted into existing installations.

a) Aerators

Neoperl Aerators (PCAs – pressure compensation Aerators) are the components that are fitted at the mouth of the faucet. They aerate the water ( mix air with water) to make it feel gentle to your hands, the milky column of aerated water does not splash around your wash basin and Neoperl aerators can not only change the direction of the stream of water but also can make the faucet deliver pre-chosen flow rate of water.

(b) Washers

Neoperl washers (PCWs – pressure compensation washer) and place at the inlet of the hose, shower, bib cocks or taps and make the respective device connected deliver a pre chosen flow rate of water.

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