360 Degree Swivel Bathroom Faucet With Gold Plated And Brass Body

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Sanijet presents 360-degree swivel Bathroom Faucet with the brass body, with gold polish, with long-lasting lustre.

The long body of the faucet makes it an interesting table-mounted accessory for the bathroom. It has 360 degrees mobility which facilitates the movement of the arm or the showerhead to customize the flow according, giving multiple usage options.

The showerhead offers a dual flow of shower or column water flow with an easy twist.

This unique faucet will powerup any bathroom/home look in an instant.

The high-quality cartridge allows smooth mixing of hot and cold water with a single lever handle.

Care instructions :

  • Please do not use abrasives or harsh chemicals to clean the faucet.
  • Use a soft cloth with soft soapy water with a soft cloth to maintain the lustre for year

Package Contains 

  • Pair of Connection Pipe
  • 1 Connection Nut
  • 2 Washer (Rubber)


  • 5 years for residential use
  • 3 years for commercial use

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