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Black Leaf Stainless Steel Shower 6*8 Inches

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The Black Leaf Shower 6*8 Inches with a black matt finish is here to take your bathroom beauty to the next level. made up of using ABS which makes it light in weight and rust-free. The high-quality ABS and PVD coating gives it a long life, backed with Sanijet assurance of quality and style, which never goes out of fashion.

Care instructions:

  • Please do not use abrasives or harsh chemicals to clean the faucet.
  • Use a soft cloth with soft soapy water and dried with a soft cloth to maintain the lustre for year

Package Contains 

  • Black Leaf Stainless Steel Shower 6*8 Inches


  • 3  years for residential use
  • 2 years for commercial use


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