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Dual Flow Brass Bubble Stream

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The bubble stream can be attached to most faucets. The ballpoint allows 360-degree rotation to increase the reach of the water flow. The aerator function to save water and also give a smooth flow. The bubble stream is versatile to use the bathroom and kitchen.

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Sanijet Dual Flow Brass Bubble Stream Conservation Pressure Compensated Aerators increase spray velocity, reduce splash, save water, and save the energy used to heat water. Patented Compensator – Equipped with Sanijet Conservation patented pressure compensator, this sink faucet head allows for consistent output regardless of available water pressure. Easy installation – The Pressure-Compensating Faucet Aerators can easily be installed and works with either kitchen or bathroom faucets. Will provide a forceful sprayer nozzle for your home. It will be a perfect replacement for a broken aerator and this Dual Flow Brass Bubble Stream made of Brass.