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Products Residential Use Commercial Use
Faucets5 years3 years
showers & Accessories*3 years2 years
  • The warranty period is not renewed or extended on the supply of spare parts during the warranty the company will at sole discretion, repair or replace any defective component or part of the product with or without cost
  • The Warranty becomes null and void if the installation is not done qualified and experienced technician and/or as per the installation procedure laid down by the company.
  • Hoses, rubber parts, plastic arising prior to installation, the company will decide on repair/replacement after inspection.
  • the warranty is only effective if proof of purchase (original sales receipt) is provided with all warranty claims or requests.
  • the warranty will cover only manufacturing defects of the product and will not cover any defects arising out of the control of the company like insufficient water pressure, high water impurities/hardness, breakage of the part due to excessive force, etc. in no event shall the liability of the company exceed the purchase price of the product. Improper care and cleaning will void the warranty.